Transfer and Duplication services

Video Transfer and Duplication Services

Video transfers should be enjoyable and exciting, not stressful. At AWV Production, we strive to keep the process light and easy, especially when transferring old camera videos. Our goal is to put people at ease and capture honest moments, resulting in great digital videos and memorable moments.

AWV Production LLC offers a comprehensive video transfer and duplication service that converts old media formats into modern digital formats. This service includes:

  • Transferring and Duplicating Old Media:
    • Camera tapes: C-VHS, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV
    • VHS, S-VHS, Beta cam SP
    • Home movie films: 8mm - 16mm
    • 35mm slides, photographs
    • Laser disks, audio tapes, audio reels, audio LP records
  • Modern Format Transfers:
    • DVD
    • Hard drive
    • Flash drive
  • Custom Editing: Personalized editing services for any event we have filmed or any files provided by the customer.
  • Restoration: Restoration of old videos to enhance their quality.
  • Slide Show Montages: Creation of slide show montages of pictures on discs, making it easy to share cherished memories with family and friends.

The main objective is to preserve and modernize old media, ensuring high-quality, memorable results.

Benefits of having a Video and audio service update your collections:

  • Easier to store and find.
  • Plays on your favorite new gadgets.
  • Can be shared with family and friends.