Converting video to CD, DVD, Hard Drive,mp4,mpg,avi,mov. AWV Production LLC - Jacksonville Video Production Company

We convert your old Camera Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, VHS-C, VHS, S-VHS, Professional tape Beta cam SP. We do not transfer Movies , TV shows, &  Pornography & Copy right material. We offer Quantity Discount.

We can also transfer video to CD, DVD, Hard Drive and others file (MP4, Mpg , AVI , MOV etc.)

  • AVI or MOV for editing the choice is yours: Most services only convert to AVI - not ideal for Mac user
  • Or choose MP4 for easy uploading online & edit: Want to quickly share your video online or watch it on an ipad. Just choose our MP4 format option for easy up loadable file!
  • Data discs or external hard drive: We can provide your video files on either data DVD disc or an external hard drive. Choose the storage type that suits you!
  • Send or bring us a drive of your choice for free: If choosing the external hard drive option, just send or bring in your own drive! Or we can work with you to purchase a good drive.
Audio cassettes & Reels to CD $ 14.50/ 90min
LP records & 8 tracks to CD $ 19.99
Repair Standard VHS & S-VHS Upto to $15.00 
Other Repair- VHS-C, 8mm $20.00
  • Transfer as little $ 10.00/tape 5 tapes min , 6 and more, 2 hour max per DVD.
  • One Video Tape  $ 15.00 1-5 tape --- 2 hour max DVD.
  • Professional tape Beta Cam SP, --- $ 35.00.