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Being a part of a video shoot should be fun and exciting, not stuffy or stressful. ART WORKS VIDEO Production makes it a point to keep things light and easy during video shoots, especially when taking wedding video & photographs. Our goal is to put people at ease and let honest moments shine. That is what makes for great images and memorable moments.

We transfer old camera tapes (C-VHS, Hi8, digital8, MiniDV flash drive, scan disk) VHS, S-VHS, Beta cam SP

8mm -16mm home movies films, 35mm slides, picture, laser disks, audio tapes, audio reels, audio LP records.

Transfer them to DVD, hard drive or flash drive format.We wil sit down with you and custom edit any event we have filmed or any file you provide. We have had great success in restorations old photographs, can make a slides shoows

montage of your pictures on a disc so you may share with family members or others.

We strive to Save Your Memories with Precision Guaranteed !!

Our state of the art equipment can recreate your memories in the format you prefer or duplicate your ready made projects for you. Do you have any old LP records that you remember as a kid and you don't have a record record player any more ?

Benefits of having a Video and audio service update your collections:

Easier to store and find
Plays on your favorite new gadgets
Can be shared with family and friends


Price Guide


8mm, Super 8mm, Super 8mm sound  & 16mm film

No Setup fees

  • 8mm/super 8mm film ---- 50' to 2999' ----$ 7.50/per 50F
  • 16 mm film  ----3000' to 5000' up ---- $ 6.80/ per 50F
  • Minimum  150 F

Order your video & Audio  transfer service today !!!



3 inch                                     50 F

3,5 or 4 inch                       100 F

5 - " -                                   200 F

6 - " -                                   300 F

9 - ' -                                    600 F

10-"-                                    800 F

12-"-                                     1200 F

14 - "-                                  1400 F

If your reel is not full, please estimate the length based on the above diameter

All over payment will be refunded !!!

Photo & Slides Restoration only  $ 26.99 

1920 Photo restoration

How to Remove Vinegar Smell From Old Movies

Old film that has been stored for several years can develop

what is know as " vinegar syndrome" .

The proper terminology for this type of film degrading is cellulose acetate decomposition, according to

This usually attacks acetate film, causing it to develop a distinct vinegar smell.

Unfortunatley,vinegar syndrome is not reversible. There is no way to stop the film from continually decomposing or to remove the smell, however, there are alternatives and preventative measures that can save your film if you act quickly.



1. Remove your acetate film from any sealed, airtight metal or plastic film canisters. Sealed film that is not allowed to breathe will continue to deteriorate.

2. Place the film in a storage container such as a freezer in temperatures below 50 degrees F. Very cold temperatures will drastically slow further chemical deterioration to your film.

3. Leave the film in cold storage until you are ready to have it transfered.Gather your film and place each in a separate container.

4. Bring the film to AWV Production: a professional film digitizer and ask to have the film converted. This is the only way to save your film from the effects of vinegar syndrome.



Video Tape Transfer Service Price Quide:


Camera Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, VHS-C, VHS, S-VHS, Professional tape Beta cam SP, U-matic

Transfer as litle $ 10.00 ---- 2 hour max per DVD

The price will be diferent depend of quantity Video tapes you have

Please note we do not transfer professional tape formats such us Digibeta.


Audio Cassettes, 8 Track, LP records, Transfer Service Price Quide


Audio cassettes & Reels to CD -----------------------  $ 15.00/per 90mincassette

LP records & 8 tracks to CD ------------------ $ 19.50/per LP records

Repair service -------------------------------- $ 10.00

  • AVI or MOV for editing: the choice is yours: Most services only convert to AVI - not ideal for Mac user
  • Or choose MP4 for easy uploading online & edit:Want to quickly share your video online or watch it on an ipad. Just choose our MP4 format option for easy uploadable file!
  • Data discs or external hard drive: We can provide your video files on either data DVD disc or an external hard drive. Choose the storage type that suits you!
  • Send or bring us a drive of your chooice for free: If chooising the external hard drive option, just send or bring in your own drive! Or we can work with you to purchase a good drive.


DVD & CD Duplication service price guide:

What kind of turnaround time can I expect ?

You can expect a realistic turnaround time of one to three weeks, or less when we receive your film, video tapes, slides or pictures, depending on the current workload. In some cases, media orders are transfered the same day they arrive.

Do you guarantee your work ?

Yes we do, 100%! If there is any defect or issue with media you receive let us know immediately. We will do what is necessary to correct any issue on our part. We cannot guarantee image quality when the defects exist on the film.


AWV Production LLC

We'll give you the attention and service you'll come to expect and enjoy, We work with you to plan and orchestrate your special wedding or promotional video for results you will be proud of.

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